Greece: Homosexual Marriages are above God and the People

According to Greek authorities, the issue of same-sex marriages “falls under human rights,” and for this reason, it cannot be the subject of a referendum.

The spokesperson for the government in Athens, Pavlos Marinakis, stated that the authorities do not wish to engage in a confrontation with the Church but will proceed with passing the law to legalize homosexual marriages regardless.

During an informal meeting, Marinakis asserted that the government had carefully listened to the Church’s opinion, as expressed by Archbishop Hieronymos during a meeting with Prime Minister Mitsotakis, “but there is an executive power and a legislative power.”

Marinakis added that the government “has no intention of entering into a confrontation with the Church.”

He also specified that authorities would not organize a referendum for the population to decide – as requested by Hieronymos – because homosexual marriages “fall under human rights,” and thus cannot be the subject of a popular consultation.

Furthermore, the government spokesperson declared that the adoption of the law on homosexual marriages (as well as adoptions by these couples) is “correct and just” because it “represents a reality that we cannot turn a blind eye to.”

In other words, neither the supreme principle of democracy – popular will, nor the supreme moral principle – the Church, matters when it comes to same-sex marriages.

Homosexual marriages are above Democracy and God.


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