A NEW ABSURDITY FORCED UPON US: After the Vaccination Passport, the Carbon Passport Will Follow

After the vaccination passport was on the verge of being legislated, what do you think crossed the minds of globalists? To introduce a so-called “carbon passport.” Things are starting to accelerate.

Even if the mainstream media jumps to the ceiling again, claiming it’s another conspiracy, let’s listen to responsible politicians in executive positions. Like Ursula von der Leyen, for example: “The international community must explore ways of introducing global carbon pricing to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

The head of the European Commission says, in simple terms, that every carbon dioxide emitter will have to pay a penalty. And taxing will help the “transition” to a cleaner world, without fossil fuels, without coal, methane, and oil. The money collected will be used to reduce the impact on green energy bills and build new nuclear power plants (see the American SMRs near Târgoviște). Plus, new wind and solar parks.

However, Brussels’ imagined tithes will not only apply to major polluters like zootechnical combines, factories, and plants. Every person on the planet will have to pay based on how much carbon dioxide they emit into the atmosphere. Including indirectly, through car, boat, or plane travel.

The calculation, payment, and possible restrictions will be done through a “carbon passport,” probably included in the electronic wallet that the European Union is actively working on, hand in hand with philanthropist Bill Gates.

To get citizens accustomed to Brussels’ futuristic plan in advance, the media has started disseminating explanatory articles. Thus, on November 27th, CNN’s news website published an article titled “It’s Time to Limit Overseas Travel – Carbon Passports Could Be the Solution.”

We learn that there is a concept called the “carbon passport,” which focuses on assigning an annual carbon quota to each traveler. And this is because after the pandemic, tourism has exploded, and the social and environmental consequences would be, I quote, “disastrous.” Record heatwaves, fires in Greece and Hawaii have been recorded, and in many popular holiday destinations such as Portugal, Spain, and Turkey, extreme weather warnings have been issued. Obviously, the well-known experts rushed to find the culprit and concluded that the disaster must have been the work of climate change.

Annual carbon quotas will be similar to the food cards from the communist era. They will “rationalize” travel. Globally, the average annual carbon footprint of a person is approaching 4 tons. However, to save the planet, citizens should emit a maximum of 2 tons of carbon annually by 2050. The figure is equivalent to about two round-trip flights between London and New York.

Of course, free movement and the disappearance of borders represent definite advantages for millions of people worldwide. Until the new electronic wallet comes into effect, along with various passports intended to introduce restrictions: vaccination, carbon, or timely debt payment.

The future World Government, like the current government in Brussels, will mean nothing but bureaucracy, “woke” dictatorship, and the loss of fundamental freedoms.


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