In #SanFrancisco, a train derailed and caught fire. 9 people are reported injured, requiring medical assistance.

Nine individuals were hospitalized following a BART train derailment and subsequent fire near Orinda, California. The incident, occurring on the eastbound Yellow Line between Lafayette and Orinda stations, led to a partial derailment and fire on Monday morning.

Efforts were made to rectify the situation, with a crane employed to lift the derailed train car back onto the tracks. The closure of two eastbound lanes on Highway 24 facilitated this operation, although BART reported no extensive damage to the tracks.

BART spokesperson Jim Allison expressed optimism about returning to normal service, potentially with minimal delays through single-tracking on one of the two available tracks.

By the evening, two derailed BART train cars were successfully repositioned onto the tracks using a crane, preparing for reattachment to the unaffected cars. Repairs commenced on the tracks, with expected traffic disruptions on Tuesday morning.

Passengers were advised to have contingency plans in place due to potential service alterations. A bus bridge was arranged to cover the affected route, with AC Transit providing temporary free bus services between Walnut Creek and Rockridge stations.

The derailment occurred after a computer failure impeded the train’s automatic route adjustment at an interlocking. Despite initial reports of no injuries, nine passengers were later taken for medical evaluation. The train operator manually switched routes, complying with instructions, before the derailment transpired.

Witnesses recounted a harrowing experience of the train’s abrupt movements, smoke, and flames, prompting passengers to take drastic measures for safety. The Orinda and Lafayette BART stations remained closed, with investigations underway by BART and the California Public Utilities Commission to determine the cause of the incident.

Passengers’ narratives described a chaotic scene of smoke, flames, disabled doors, and the necessity to jump off the train onto the tracks to ensure their safety.


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