Prince Andrew’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims Jeffrey Epstein Had ‘Foreknowledge’ of September 11, 2001

Jeffrey Epstein and his VIP associates had “foreknowledge” of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in the months leading up to them, according to Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, Lady Victoria Hervey.

Hervey took to social media to break her silence on what she knows about Andrew’s relationship with the infamous pedophile, claiming that Epstein’s contacts were aware of details about 9/11 before they occurred, including the flight numbers of the commercial airplanes that would be used in the attacks. According to Hervey, Epstein and some of his close associates even purchased airplane tickets as “souvenirs” of the horrific and devastating national tragedy.

“As for 9/11, which I will talk more about tomorrow, I have a story linking it to Epstein,” she wrote on Instagram. “I mean he knew it was going to happen and so did his close circle. They even bought plane tickets as souvenirs and never boarded the planes. This is a whole other level of sick.” Hervey also revealed Epstein’s close friendship with former President Bill Clinton, describing them as “like brothers.”

“I don’t know if you’ve seen the paintings that were in Jeffrey Epstein’s house? One of them being a portrait of Bill Clinton wearing the dress that Monica Lewinsky wore when they had the affair,” she said during an interview with Channel 4. “So yes, he was very close to Jeffrey Epstein. They were like brothers, you know, and he was close to Ghislaine Maxwell as well.” Epstein also had a painting of former President George W. Bush playing with paper airplanes in front of the collapsed twin towers.

Hervey’s disclosures lend credibility to claims that Epstein was an intelligence agent involved in blackmail operations for the state of Israel. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Israeli spies who photographed powerful men and politicians engaging in sexual acts with underage girls and then blackmailed them, alleged their supposed Mossad boss, Ari Ben-Menashe. These revelations were made in Ben-Menashe’s new book titled “Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” In a preview shared with Sun Online, Ben-Menashe says, “Mr. Epstein was just a simple idiot who was going around providing girls to all kinds of politicians in the United States.”

“You see, fking around is not a crime. It might be embarrassing, but it’s not a crime. But sleeping with a 14-year-old girl is a crime. And he was taking photos of politicians f*ing 14-year-old girls – if you get what I mean. Epstein and Maxwell were just blackmailing people, just blackmailing people in that way.”


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