The Great Conspiracy Against Trump: Can He Still Win the Elections?

Against the former president, an unprecedented and monstrous mechanism has been mobilized to prevent him from participating in the November 2024 elections.

An editorial by Sharyl Atkisson from The Epoch Times, translated for ActiveNews readers, highlights the repeated defamation of Donald Trump. Any reference to Trump as an “insurrectionist” or as being guilty of “insurrection” constitutes blatant defamation, considering the lack of legal charges against him for such actions.

Despite numerous attempts and manipulations by Trump’s adversaries, no one has convicted him of “insurrection.” Even when Maine and Colorado authorities removed Trump from presidential election ballots on grounds of “insurrection,” it was an act of ultimate defamation, supported by those who simply dislike Trump.

Given current evidence, it’s reasonable to assume that Trump’s enemies planned in advance to present the January 6, 2021, rally as an “insurrection” to prevent his future candidacy. This theory gains credibility in light of previous discussions among FBI agents concerned about Trump’s presidency.

The article suggests that Trump’s adversaries orchestrated events on January 6, 2021, intending to label it as an “insurrection,” compromising Trump’s 2024 candidacy. It points out agents and informants among Trump supporters on that day, implying their failure to prevent crimes, allowing them to occur, and identifying perpetrators after the events.

However, despite these actions, there was no actual insurrection, at least according to prosecutors who could have charged him with such an offense but chose not to. Trump contributed to disproving accusations by urging his sympathizers to express themselves peacefully and patriotically.

Both Democrats and Republicans opposed to Trump encourage defamation and other actions against him due to fears of his potential return to the presidency, beyond typical power and financial interests. The media’s partisanship prevents any critique of actions taken against Trump.

Despite various challenges like impeachment, illegal surveillance, censorship, legal charges, and betrayal by former associates, Trump’s popularity has surged, enabling his return to the forefront for 2024.

Efforts to remove Trump from ballots represent a final attempt by the system to censor a candidate they are convinced will win. It highlights a dangerous point where many choose to turn a blind eye to attacks against a candidate they don’t favor.

To counter these allegations, Trump could potentially sue those calling him an “insurgent,” including the Colorado Supreme Court or Maine’s Secretary of State, but this might not be a battle he could win.

The article concludes that the 2024 elections will be significant, different from what has happened before.


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