U.S. citizen Gonzalo Lira DIES in Ukrainian detention under Zelensky’s authority

American Reporter Gonzalo Lira Found Dead in Ukrainian Detention, Confirms Tucker Carlson

In a Friday evening post on X, Tucker Carlson revealed the passing of Gonzalo Lira, Sr.’s son at the age of 55 in a Ukrainian prison. The journalist was held for criticizing the Zelensky and Biden administrations. Despite being an American citizen, the Biden administration seemingly endorsed his incarceration and mistreatment. Weeks prior, Gonzalo Lira’s father had anticipated his son’s tragic fate during a conversation with us.

In early December, Tucker Carlson interviewed Gonzalo Lira’s father, who accused President Joe Biden and the State Department of allowing his son to remain in a Ukrainian prison for criticizing President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government, the West’s response to the Russian invasion, and President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Lira, a dual citizen of Chile and the U.S., was residing in Kharkiv, Ukraine, during last year’s invasion, as reported by Breitbart News’s Kurt Zindulka. Offering on-the-ground insights, he attributed the conflict to Western hostility toward Moscow.

Facing multiple arrests, Lira was last detained while attempting to cross the Ukrainian border to seek asylum in Hungary. He confronted imprisonment under Ukraine’s wartime propaganda laws, accused of expressing views justifying Russian aggression and the occupation of Ukrainian territory.

Among other charges, he was alleged to have published videos featuring Ukrainian soldiers’ faces, despite the widespread availability of such content online and in news outlets.

Lira insisted that the charges were solely based on his opinions about the conflict and claimed, “I did no harm to anyone” before his latest imprisonment.

In September, the State Department acknowledged Lira’s detention, emphasizing its commitment to assisting U.S. citizens abroad. However, Lira’s father informed Carlson in December that the State Department had not taken any action to help his son. He criticized the U.S. government for its silence, suggesting complicity or tacit approval of Lira’s arrest.

Lira previously stated that the Chilean embassy showed more concern for his well-being than the American embassy and disclosed instances of physical abuse in Ukrainian prisons.

Elon Musk and X questioned Lira’s imprisonment, highlighting the discrepancy between substantial financial aid to Ukraine and the detention of an American citizen. Senator J.D. Vance labeled the situation a “disgrace,” criticizing the Biden administration’s lack of accountability in addressing the hostage situation of an American journalist in Ukraine.


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