A German specialist doctor claims that the Spike protein replaces sperm in vaccinated men – VIDEO

Sperm cells in men who have received the mRNA vaccine are replaced by spike proteins, according to a top German forensic pathologist.

During a recent lecture, pathologist Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt detailed how, after examining tissue samples from young and old men who died following COVID vaccination, he found that spike proteins had taken the place of sperm-producing organs and sperm itself.

“Here you see the case where we show the testicles,” Burkhardt said, pointing to a slide, “and you can see that in this 28-year-old man who had a healthy son and died 140 days after injection, the spike protein is strongly expressed in the spermatogenic organ of the testicles, and you can see that there are almost no sperm cells here, but the spike protein is strongly expressed in the spermatogonial tissue.”

Dr. Burkhardt further described the same issue with the older patient, saying, “So, also in the older person, this is an elderly one, and you can see here, also a strong expression in the spermatogonia, not a single sperm cell here, and a strong expression of the spike protein.”

The forensic pathologist went on to warn women against conceiving offspring with vaccinated men, stating: “If I were a woman of childbearing age, I wouldn’t plan on maternity from a person, from a man who has been vaccinated.” The research aligns with other data indicating that female ovaries are also disrupted by the spike protein present in mRNA vaccines, suggesting that the injections cause a complete overhaul of the human reproductive system.


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