The Communist Party of China’s Vaccine Ambassador Dies Suddenly from a Heart Attack

Kathy Chow, a renowned actress from Hong Kong and the “vaccine ambassador” for the Chinese Communist Party, died suddenly due to a cardiac arrest.

Chow’s medical records were exposed to the press following her death by a whistleblower determined to uncover the truth behind the star’s unexpected demise. Chinese authorities subsequently arrested the 36-year-old man responsible for leaking her cause of death to the public.

Chow was widely known across China as one of the vaccination ambassadors for the CCP, advocating for Covid-19 mRNA vaccines among the population. Her sudden death from cardiac failure and the arrest of the whistleblower who disclosed her medical records to the press have sparked speculation in China that the CCP might be attempting to cover its tracks.

The Chinese search engine Baidu also removed from Chow’s bio the record of her receiving the Covid vaccine in Beijing. As Jennifer Zeng tweeted, “If the CCP has nothing to hide, why did they do this?” Chow is the latest in a string of celebrities and influencers who have died suddenly after promoting the Covid vaccine on behalf of governments and Big Pharma during the pandemic.

Many independent publishers have reported on dozens of healthy individuals, including professional athletes, who died suddenly post-vaccine rollout. Hundreds of these young and healthy YouTube influencers have now been diagnosed with cancer — many acknowledging rare and aggressive fast-track cancers.

An ethical mainstream press would have highlighted these deaths on front pages, uncovering all barriers to investigate precisely what is happening. Instead, the media cancels anyone daring to speak, and governments cover up the scandal of excess deaths.


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