Production of American Javelin Missiles set to begin in Poland

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa and its affiliated companies have inked a deal to produce the American anti-tank missile system, Javelin. The agreement, confirmed during a defense exhibition in Kielce, involves Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, as reported by Reuters.

Sebastian Chwalek, President of the Polish Armament Group, highlighted that this pact will enhance Poland’s missile capabilities and grant access to the American-related global market for the Polish industry. Part of the agreement involves setting up a factory within the country, marking the first instance outside the United States. This demonstrates Warsaw’s significant partnership for Americans, as emphasized by the President of PGZ.

The President of the Polish Armament Group further explained that several domestic firms, including the Mesko plant and the Military Electronics Plant in Zelenc near Warsaw, have been selected for participation in the future production of the Javelin system, as part of the collaboration with American companies.

Representatives from the Polish defense industry affirm that collaborating with American conglomerates on the Javelin system does not signal the conclusion of their own project named “Pirat.” For close to a decade, Mesko and its partners have been developing a lightweight anti-tank system guided by laser technology. A prototype of the Pirat system was unveiled this year at the Kielce arms fair. Presently, the American Javelin system is utilized by the Territorial Defense Forces.


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